The Struggling Writer

The chronicles of a freelance writer as he tries to make a living.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Struggling Writer

My name is Andy Humphrey, known in a few places on the web as Cyjon.

Recently I’ve started down the path of the freelance writer. I am going to chronicle my journey through this intimidating land, describing my exhilarating successes and (more often) my humiliating failures. I hope to provide some guidance for people considering this as a career path, either to help them avoid the mistakes I am bound to make, or to scare them off entirely and make them realize that nice, safe job as an insurance adjuster is a better choice for them.

I also am quite happy to be a source of amusement to the more experienced writer who will just roll their eyes at my naivete ;)

My plan is to blog daily, or at least bi-daily (yes, I often make up my own words). I will discuss the events that led me to this crossroads in my life and why I ended up wandering off in this direction. I will talk about my long-term goals for writing. There are many different ways of making a living from writing and I’ll talk about the ones I’ve chosen and why.

Eventually I will settle down to the real purpose of this blog. I will start to discuss my daily struggles as I seek to find a source of paying work. I will post links to resources I’ve found to help you build your own library of references. And I will occasionally inject nuggets of wisdom or foolishness based on my experiences.

Let us begin our journey.


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