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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Live On Examiner

I am now the Phoenix Special Needs Kids Examiner. Although I haven't posted my first article yet (I'll do so later today) I've already made $0.02! Easy Street, here I come. I suppose I should point out that I'm being sarcastic since I've seen some people post those kinds of statements as proof they are "prufesshunal riturs".

For those who want to know the timeline, I applied on March 18. I got an email on April 16 asking me to confirm my interest over the following two days. This email mentioned a few interesting facts:
  • Must write 4+ articles/week
  • Average examiner spends 3-6 hours per week writing and promoting
  • I retain full rights to my work (unlike most sites that take all rights)
  • Pay structure varies on traffic and ad revenues but runs about a penny per page view. Other examiners report the same.
  • Examiners must submit to a criminal background check. It seems like an odd requirement but I have had a more thorough one done as a respite care provider so it's nothing new.

I replied and got another email on April 17 asking for my headshot, bio and PayPal information to be sent within the next three days.

On April 20 I got my login information, my URL, and was introduced to my channel manager. I am to post my first article within three days then wait for it to be approved by the channel manager. Future articles can be posted as fast as I can write them. The email ended with a list of style notes and tips for building traffic. They also need me to complete a W-9 form.

I'll post my first article in a bit and let you know how long it takes to get approved.



  • At 7:17 AM, Blogger Ed Pahule said…

    Oh! I retain full rights! Awesome! I can now consider compiling my articles into a book!

  • At 9:35 AM, Blogger Andy said…

    Yup, that is what elevates Examiner above most of the other content sites. Many writers, including me, don't pay enough attention to what rights they are signing away.


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