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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Trade Magazines Revisited

I'm aware that I'm not going to make a living writing articles for HTDT (especially as infrequently as I get one out). At some point I need to focus on more lucrative writing and I've been thinking about what that should be.

A while back I mentioned the appeal of writing for trade magazines. That idea has been sitting in the back of my brain for a while and recently I decided to do a little more research.

I have spend the last several days out on my patio in the lovely Phoenix weather perusing the Writer's Market section on trade publications. Previously I skimmed this section and nothing leapt out at me, but this time I read every entry and noted ones of interest. I found over 50 interesting leads paying at least ten cents a word (and several over a dollar a word). Some of them require their authors to be experts, but many of them simply want people who can interview and write for experts. Once I thought about it I realize that my circle of family and friends includes an artist, two nurses, a paramedic, a network administrator, plus several government employees, engineers, and scientists. I also have contact with far too many therapists and doctors because of my niece, plus weaker links to the mortgage industry, real estate, veterinary science, and others. I'm quite encouraged by this and hope this is the beginning of a better path for me.


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