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Sunday, December 31, 2006

December scorecard

Even though December isn't technically over, I suppose it's close enough for me to evaluate the month. How did I do?

Note that all references to "make more money" should really read "submit a higher dollar value of work". Although getting paid is certainly important, at this point I'm more concerned with the amount and value of work actually done. This keeps out such complications as getting paid next month for work done this month or not getting paid for an article done on spec.

One of my ongoing goals is "Make more money this month than last month". I did that, thanks to my new client. Hey, there's another goal: "Get a new client".

One of my milestones is "Make more from writing than from any other source". That didn't quite happen. December is a wacky month as everything but the retail industry shuts down from Thanksgiving to New Years. I'm hoping this new client will be able to provide more work in future months than December which will go a long way to meeting that goal.

My goal of "Do one thing every day" didn't work out so well. I still think it's a good goal for me, but I need to get more disciplined about it. I have applied for several new projects in the last couple of weeks, so I haven't been wasting TOO much time.

Right now all of my goals revolve around money. Once I am more financially stable, I can focus on things that are more fun.

That's one of the reasons I don't update the blog more. On days I feel like writing, I feel like I should be writing for money. I mentioned some time back that I was part of a group who was going to write a book about hydrocephalus. That project has languished and I have come to realize that I will be of no help. The book won't make a lot of money and, although I have a lot of personal interest in the topic, the return on my time investment isn't high enough to justify it right now. Later, when I have the luxury of picking my projects, I will revisit the idea.

I want to write about special needs, and that is something I want to develop this year. I just need to think of a way I can add that to my workload while making enough money that I can pay some bills.

That's why I like my "make more money each month" goal. It lets me ease into things, but it will force me to become more focussed and efficient in the future. I will re-evaluate my career choice this fall and, although I don't need to be self-sufficient by then, I need to be a large step closer by then.


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