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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Writing on vacation

My writing experience has been interesting this week. I'm out of town so I've been camped out at the public libraries (which have free Wi-Fi) to get some work done. It's been a different environment than my usual work at home. I'm more focussed since I have nothing to do but work. Then again, it's harder to work for a long time because there isn't really any good way to take a break. Each day I wrote two articles in about three hours and I'm pleased that my production rate is getting better. Each day I got very antsy as I neared the end of the second article. I don't know if three hours is my limit or if my brain started to get excited that my work day was almost over. At home if I start to get restless, I get up and do something and get back to the writing later (maybe). At the library there wasn't anything to do but pace the aisles. I knew if I ran out and got lunch or something, I'd never make it back.

I've also been a good boy and reading writing books during down time at the house.

The next few days will be tough writing-wise. Today, of course, I have plans. Tomorrow we drive back. Saturday will be a day to catch up on things at home and recover from the trip; as I get older I find I need a day to recover from any travel. Sunday and Monday I will be able to work and get those last three articles out for LTK. Then the rest of the week is a bust. The nurse who cares for my niece most of the time is with her mother who is very sick, so I'll be pulling three days instead of a day and a half watching my niece. Sometimes I can get work done if she takes a long nap, but rarely. Then the month is over, so I absolutely have to get those LTK articles done Sunday and Monday. Nothing like a deadline to give you a kick in the pants.

I still would like to punch out a Learning Through History article before the end of the month, but I doubt that will happen.


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