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Friday, November 03, 2006

A new month dawns

Well, October was an interesting month. I met one goal by beating my income for September - in fact I nearly tripled it. I missed the goal of making more from writing than watching my sister's cat while she was on vacation. The stuff with my niece really blew my production for the last part of the month.

This month I have to put out 10 articles for LTK Business. Because of the holidays I'd like to get them done early, so a goal of one article every two days would work. Which means I'm already behind. Doing that means I will beat my October income, but that isn't my only goal. I'd still like to do more HTDT articles and apply for other positions, such as the grant-writing possiblity I found before. I've sunk most of my October income into books about writing and a copy of The Chicago Manual of Style.

Today is a "catch up on all the non-writing stuff that has gotten behind" day, so tomorrow should be the first day I really get back into things.


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