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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A little "vacation"

I have a couple more articles up: How To Teach Autistic Children and Wi-Fi Business Advantages.

I decided to take the day off yesterday because I've been so busy lately I was starting to get frazzled. Every time I take a day off, I get a little behind, and then some disaster strikes which gets me even further behind. This time the disaster is my niece, who was admitted to the hospital through the ER last night. It's probably nothing more than a minor infection, but there are complications from her hydrocephalus and the barium swallow she had recently. If you care about the details you can see them on my other blog.

So today I just can't get into working and tomorrow will be one of my regular Maria days, assuming she's out of the hospital. That means I won't get any more work done until at least Friday. Then Friday evening, my father and his wife are visiting which pretty much blows the weekend. The problem is that the longer I go without working the harder it is to start up again. And I was doing so well for a while there.



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