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Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's not that I have nothing to say...'s that I never think to post my profound thoughts here.

My home office continues to help me stay focussed, although my cat (in the way cats do) has decided that any time I'm in the office is her "pet me RIGHT NOW" time.

I posted some time back that I was going to do six hours of work per day. Yeah, that didn't work. So now my rule is that I can't "play" before 4 pm. I don't necessarily have to sit at the computer, but I've ruled out certain distractions during that time. It's working out fairly well so far.

I've also hired someone to take care of my yard. I can't afford it, but every hour I work on that is an hour I don't write.

I also have the usual problem freelancers have: people think that since I am at home I'm free to chit-chat. No, folks, I'm working. For my part I need to just not answer the phone during the day if I see it is one of my friends. But I always have that "What if it's an emergency?" thing. Besides, I have this completely pathological thing about telephones. If a phone rings, I get an anxiety spike like you wouldn't believe. I have no idea why. So even if I don't answer, it breaks my train of thought.


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