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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Home office

I don't update this blog as often as I had originally hoped. Mostly because each entry would begin "My flimsy reason for not writing today was...". It's the usual freelancer's problem -- it's so easy to get distracted.

My latest effort to combat this is to convert one of my bedrooms into a home office. I considered this idea before but discarded it for logistical reasons -- the only room available for a home office is also the only one where my satellite cables come in, so it would require moving the TV out into the living room (wacky concept, I know) which means stringing cable through the hall creating a serious tripping hazard.

However, I've decided to give the home office a try. I'm hoping that having a "go to work" mentality will help with my production. My biggest obstacle so far has been finding a desk. I do all my work on a laptop and it is very hard to find a desk that works for that. I spent ten years pounding a keyboard and have a real appreciation for how important proper ergonomics are. Traditional desks and tables are too high for comfortable typing and computer desks have keyboard trays which are too shallow to take a laptop. There are "laptop desks" which are small and flimsy. I finally found a table with adjustable height that I hope will work out. Plus I sprang for a decent office chair. Let's hope this will create the kind of environment I'm looking for.

In a similar "spend money to make money" vein, I've also decided to hire someone to do the yardwork that exhausts me. Now if I could only get any of them to return my phone calls!

So within days I should be writing like mad, right? I'm sure this will be completely different from all my other "I'm not writing because..." excuses ;)


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