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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More writing I haven't done

I took a couple of days off because I haven't done that in a while. I decided to come back strong and make this a real writing day. Oh, but first let me install Thunderbird as my new email client. How long could that take?

Two hours later...

Then, of course, I needed to check the forums I hang out at (I should add links to some of them). And the blogs I like. Oops, then it's time to break for lunch. Better empty the dishwasher. And so on and so on.

FWIW, I've signed up with some new categories at How To Do Things. I haven't actually tagged any articles, but at least I have some good categories now. And I've found a couple more magazines to submit queries to. And I've done some more work on my website (nothing uploaded yet). So it's not like I'm completely unproductive, but I'm sure not doing as much as I would like.

But tomorrow is going to be a real writing day. Really.


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