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Thursday, April 20, 2006

An article revived

Back in January I sent out a query on an article about how I gained a new appreciation for terms like "visually impaired" versus "blind" after my niece was born. The editor said she'd like to see it, but I couldn't get the article out. I couldn't find enough to fill out a reasonable article without blatantly padding it so I shelved the idea. Recent events regarding developmental disability benefits here in Arizona have revealed to me a new world of disability euphemisms and I think has given me enough material to finish the article. Sometimes it's better just to put a piece of work aside rather than continue to beat your head against the wall. Inspiration may strike, or new information may present itself.

I got accepted over at How To Do Things, though the categories I picked are pretty sparse. I'll sign up for some new ones to get some work. The operation smells a little amateurish and I'm skeptical about their long-term prospects, but if I can make a few bucks before they go under, good for me.


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