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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Busy busy

I've been pretty busy catching up and got my first chance to take a breath today.

My over-caffinated laptop had to go through a full reformat and reinstall, so it's usable but everything's gone. Since I'm suspicious of ever trusting it again, it will become just a play laptop. I ordered a new writing laptop because heaven knows I need to own four computers (two desktops, two laptops). Since this will be a dedicated work laptop, at least I can claim depreciation on my taxes. My new laptop shipped but has been stuck in "clearance delay" in Indianapolis for nearly a week since it shipped from China.

I was able to (sort of) finish that big project. My disaster was complicated by the fact that I had misinterpreted what the client wanted. I was writing meaty technical articles; she wanted light advertising copy. No only was I putting WAY too much effort into each article, I had to put in WAY too much effort a second time to rewrite them. She was getting restless with how long they were taking, but once she saw them and corrected me I was able to put out most of the remainder by the deadline. She had to write a few herself, but her client is happy, so she's happy, and all is right with the world. She's given me a lot of work since then so it looks like she still trusts me :)

I continue to meet my "make more money than last month" goal. January beat December as well, plus meeting my "make more from writing than anything else". This month I had already beaten January's income by the 11th! I haven't had any work for several days and I know I should be doing the self-promotion thing but as long as my income keeps growing it's hard to get motivated to do that.

I keep having ideas of more informative lesson-type blog entries. I need to write them down since I forget them quickly. I hope to start updating a bit more often.


  • At 7:07 PM, Anonymous Tom Chandler said…


    Glad to hear your computer troubles are behind you.

    For your other problem, consider developing a Creative Brief.

    It summarizes project information and helps avoid the misunderstanding you ran into with your client.

    It includes basic project information (deadlines, length, formats, etc), but also delves into outcomes, audience, product selling points, etc.

  • At 7:33 PM, Blogger Andy said…


    The Creative Brief wouldn't have helped. I *knew* what she wanted since I've done work for her before. I was just being a dummy ;)

    I have thought about something like that for other clients though so I'll look into it. Thanks.


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