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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The hunt for a publisher

I spent the morning going through the book publishers at Writer's Market. So tell me, why do searches at Writer's Market bring up publishers who have been delisted? I felt like half of the publishers I clicked on brought up a "no longer on the list" message. I could see maybe if there was some kind of archive reason, but at least give me the option to remove those from the list.

So I've narrowed it down to about 50 publishers to investigate further. Some of them specialize on books about disabilities, but they are also the smaller houses. I also need to do the old "go down to the bookstores and see what's on the shelf" thing.(Wait, you mean there is research that DOESN'T involve the internet?).

In other news, I have been growing increasingly annoyed with the unreliability of Blogger. I finally got around to downloading Wordpress and installing it to my website to play with it. It imported this blog very nicely, but I didn't like the look. For example, I didn't like the categorization of posts and wanted to get rid of it but the default template uses categories in at least three places. Plus I was tweaking on the sidebar and so on and it just was taking too much of my time. I probably will move this blog at some point but I don't need yet another excuse to avoid writing.


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