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Thursday, July 26, 2007

July = total bust

From a work perspective, I've been a bad boy this month. Last week was the only clear week I had in July. I should have been out there pounding the pavement, but instead I caught up on non-work stuff and took a lot of "mental health" days - probably more than I really needed. This week has been a total farking nightmare and I've had to learn all kind of new medical words. I actually had to turn down the only work I've gotten this month.

The next day I will have clear will be Tuesday, which is the last day of the month. My main client thinks she'll have work for me so maybe I can make a few dollars before the month is over.

Ooh, that was interesting. While I was typing this up, I got a call about a possible ghostwriting opportunity. He caught me off guard so I already can't remember who he was. He asked about rates and I stalled a little because I prefer bidding by project. He was insistent so I quoted him an hourly and a per word rate that may prove to be completely wrong once I find out more the work. Still, it's nice to see past efforts showing some results.


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