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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

GoDaddy must die!

I know many of you have business web sites hosted with GoDaddy. MAKE SURE YOU POST YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER because at some point GoDaddy will block your clients from emailing you and they will need an alternate contact.

I continue to fight with GoDaddy to convince them I'm not a spammer. After I filled out their online unblock request, they emailed me several hours later asking for more information. That request should have been on the online form. I tried responding to the email but, of course, it bounced because they think I'm a spammer! I tried filling out the online form again but it won't take it because a ticket is already open on my IP address. I could call their support line (not toll free of course) but I don't think I could be anything remotely resembling civil at this point.

So I forwarded the message through my personal email and, assuming they haven't blacklisted that as well, I still hope to have this cleared up sometime before I reach retirement age.

I never considered using GoDaddy for my websites because I don't base my choice in web hosts on their ability to get busty women to take off their clothes in commercials. This incident certainly puts them on my "no way in hell" list of businesses.


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