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Monday, April 23, 2007

"GoDaddy Stinks" and other press releases

I continue to battle with GoDaddy. I sent my eighth unblock request today. Of those eight, only one received an autoreplay acknowledgement. It seems obvious they are never going to unblock me. I've scanned my server for viruses. I've checked the blacklists at robtex at least once a day and I've never been listed there. I've checked for open relays at AppRiver and I have none. Basically there is no reason for them to block me, no reason for them to CONTINUE blocking me, but there's nothing I can do. I don't have any business to take away from them. My client seems indifferent to the fact that her web host is throwing her email away without her knowledge or permission, so doesn't seem likely to move her sites. I can't threaten them with legal action because there are no laws protecting email. Basically, I'm hosed.

I'll have to make occasional use of my personal email address when I come across future clients with GoDaddy, which I dislike because it seems unprofessional. But I also need to just move on and stop wasting my time with this.

I also spent last week dealing with a non-paying client. It's not a writing client, but rather the company I work through providing respite services for my niece. I left four voicemail messages over two weeks about a missing paycheck. This morning I finally just worked my way up the chain of command until I found someone who actually answered her phone. It took minutes to resolve once I found someone who would actually speak with me. Of course we'll see if the money actually ends up in my account.

But last week wasn't all bad. My main client started me writing press releases. They require a bit more effort than articles since they have to be objectively accurate. For example in one on cell phone donations, I mentioned that you should erase personal data from a cell phone before donating. She took that out because it's subjective advice. It's an interesting new type of writing - and the fact it pays a little better is nice as well.


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