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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Back home

I've been out of town, and my brain stayed out of town for several days after my body got back, so I haven't done much work since my last update. I did finish an article about online resources for work at home moms for How To Do Things. I had thirty days to do it, and I just finished it...three hours before the deadline. Yeesh! It was an easy article and I think that's why I kept putting it off. I also put in much more time on it than was worth it. It's a $10 article that I spend 2-3 hours on, which is silly. I just couldn't bring myself to do a quick hack job. Still, a lot of that time was research that I could use to write other articles.

My euphemism article got rejected. I know that some writers get broken up by rejections but I don't feel like that. Maybe after I have 100 or so rejections under my belt. I need to turn around and submit it somewhere else though. Soon, before I lose my momentum. But (of course) not today ;)


  • At 1:06 PM, Blogger Daniel said…

    I too get stuck in ruts, avoiding work for long stretches at a time. When I do get back, I often end up procrastinating and wasting time on the web.
    Speaking of which...
    I will finish today's chapter.
    I will finish today's chapter.

    I keep saying it, but...

  • At 7:58 AM, Blogger Andy said…

    Actually putting fingers to keyboard (or pen to paper if you're old-fashioned) is the hardest thing about being a writer. You can't always produce on demand (though newspaper reporters would disagree with me here). I'm still trying to find the secret.

    So, did you finish your chapter? ;)


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